To keep you safe on the road, there are specific safety standards that your vehicle must reach regularly.
This is known as a Warrant of Fitness (WOF).

A Warrant of Fitness (WoF) assessment

How Often Is A WOF Due?

Depending on the year your vehicle was first registered. Please click the button below to the NZTA website, which will explain how often a WOF is required depending on the age of your vehicle. The fastest way to check when your next WOF is due is to look at the windscreen label inside your vehicle on the driver’s side.


How We Work

Fasttrack has VINZ inspectors available onsite daily, who will be able to inspect and confirm if your vehicle meets the safety standards. If it does pass the safety standards, they will issue a new WOF and replace the label in your vehicle. If it does not pass the safety standards, then the

Fasttrack team will contact you to discuss what repairs are required to pass.

What's In A WOF Check?

There are a range of aspects checked that a vehicle must pass to meet the general safety check. These are as follows:

Condition of tyres (this includes tread depth).
Brake operation.      
Overall structural condition (certain areas are    not allowed to show signs of rust).      
Tints/glazing on windscreens (certain tint %    are not accepted).
Windscreen wipers/washers.
Door function (is every door opening/closing
Quality of safety belts/buckles.
Suspension and steering.
Condition of the exhaust (no leaks, cannot be    smoky or louder than the original exhaust).
Fuel system (no leaks).

We Do Repairs?

Fasttrack has a mechanical repair and tyre department. If you require repairs or replacement parts, there’s no need to take your vehicle away for it to be repaired. All repairs can be completed under the same roof, whether it’s a simple fix such as a light bulb or tyres that need to be replaced or something a little more complicated like suspension or steering. Fasttrack has an entire team on site ready to assist.

Motorcycle WOF’s

If you own a motorcycle in New Zealand that is being driven on the road must ensure it has a valid warrant of fitness (WOF).

Fasttrack offers motorbike WOF services from our Penrose, Auckland branch, along with our South Island branches in Sockburn and Waltham. Your motorcycle's age determines how often you are required to get a WOF for the bike.

To the lefthand side is a table of information from the NZTA website that will assist you with how frequently your motorcycle WOF needs to be updated.

When getting a WOF for your motorbike at one of the Fasttrack branches, you will be given an inspection sheet of what was passed and failed. Should your motorbike fail, you have 28 days to rectify the issues.

However, the benefit of using Fasttrack for a motorcycle WOF is that we can replace small parts and facilitate minor repairs to ensure you pass and get your bike back on the road as quickly as possible.