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What is Vehicle Compliance?

Fasttrack is the leading provider for Vehicle Compliance. Vehicle Compliance is required for all imported vehicles that are imported into New Zealand. These imported vehicles need to comply with the New Zealand road safety standards and regulations. Car Compliance will test the vehicle’s structural and mechanical state making sure everything is in working order and that there are no faults that could put the driver and passengers of the vehicle at harm. When your vehicle passes the compliance process you can be sure that it is safe and ready for New Zealand roads.

What is involved in the Vehicle Compliance process?

There are three major steps to Car Compliance.

Step 1: Vehicle Trimming, Step 2: Inspection & Step 3: Warrant of Fitness Sticker.

Vehicle Trimming:
Car compliance begins with stage one, the vehicle interior trimming stage. At this stage, your vehicle is required to be dismantled to gain access behind the interior trim, this is where a TSD agent must inspect the condition and structure, seats, and seat belts of your vehicle. This is the step where all information about your vehicle is gathered, all documentation required is filed, vehicle standards are captured and your car gets a VIN Plate assigned and the Interior is refitted.

Your vehicle now is moved to our inspection hoists where the underbody and mechanical components are inspected. We strip all underbody panels and brake pads so the TSD agent can continue the inspection of the brakes, suspension, tires, engine components, and vehicle structure. All mechanical parts are measured and inspected to make sure they meet all OEM minimum requirements set out by NZTA and the vehicle structure is sound. Once your vehicle has been completely put back together, the TSD agent finalises the inspection by checking your vehicle’s emissions, lighting, and braking systems.

Warrant of Fitness Sticker:
If your vehicle passes all requirements then the TSD will issue a Warrant of Fitness sticker (WOF) and print the MR2A form for registration. If there are repairs required before this step, we will quote you on the repairs and it’s your choice to use us or your repairer, but all repairs must be repaired to all NZTA requirements, then the WOF sticker and MR2A can be printed. It is important to be aware of the condition of the vehicle before import to prevent any unexpected costs. Once the vehicle has passed, you can pick your vehicle up.

What happens if my car doesn’t pass the first inspection?

Fasttrack Automotive Compliance has a state-of-the-art mechanical bay with an expert mechanical team. All vehicles that do not pass compliance inspection the first time around will get quoted for repairs. Customers can choose to have the vehicle repaired in our workshop where they can be kept informed of work being conducted. Once the repairs are completed the vehicle will go through inspection until the vehicle is successfully passed and fully complied.

How long does vehicle compliance take?

Depending on the vehicle the process can be very fast. If your vehicle does not need to undergo any mechanical repair, generally a compliance service will take 4-5 working days. Contact our Fasttrack team and see what we can make work for you!

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