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Importing a car into New Zealand

Fasttrack Compliance can help you with importing a car into New Zealand from start to finish. We can put you in touch with the right people who will be with you throughout the vehicle import process. Once the vehicle is in New Zealand, Fasttrack will complete the last step of the importing process. In addition, we will help you get a Vehicle Compliance Certificate allowing the car on New Zealand roads.


Getting a car import from Japan? Here are a few things you require:

  • Check New Zealand vehicle importing rules with the relevant authorities.
  • Review the customs duties payable when importing a car into New Zealand.
  • Ensure that the importing car has undergone any required pre-shipment checks in Japan, e.g. JEVIC RWI or Odometer checks, as required by the importing country.
  • Confirm the presence of an Export certificate that the Exporter (car dealer) should have. The original export certificate is required in order to comply your vehicle in New Zealand.

Benefits of Vehicle Importing

Are you thinking of importing a car into New Zealand from overseas? At Fasttrack, we deal with customers going through the importing car process daily. Over time we have noted the benefits of importing a car into New Zealand.

Car compliance process NZ


Firstly, the importing car process could allow you to buy your dream car or a limited edition. We have helped many of our customers get their vehicles fully complied and ready for NZ roads.

Car Compliance NZ hoist


Secondly, Importing a car into New Zealand from overseas means you have more selection. Countries with larger populations have a wide range to choose from.

Signing of the WOF and the end of the compliance process


Japanese drivers sell their cars frequently due to vehicle standard laws. Hence making a car imported from Japan near-new, sometimes cheaper than used cars from NZ.