Has your vehicle’s registration been cancelled?
Don't worry we will get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

what is VEHICLE re-registration?

The process of re-registering your vehicle:

If your vehicle registration has lapsed for more than 12 months, it must be re-registered, and this process is a very detailed WOF (warrant of fitness).

Re-registering your vehicle can be called multiple names that all mean the same thing, re-registration, re-compliance, re-certification, re-vin or a de-registered vehicle.

Fasttrack compliance has authorised entry certifiers operating from all their branches across New Zealand such as VINZ (Vehicle Inspection New Zealand).

Fasttrack is a one-stop shop where the Fasttrack team can have your vehicle re-registered, but if your car doesn’t pass its re-registration certification, the Fasttrack team will get in touch and replace parts that the inspector may have failed the car on.

This allows you to save time, not having to pick the vehicle up and have the parts replaced. Instead, the Fasttrack team can arrange it all for you.

A vehicle that has had the registration lapse for more than 12 months has a cancelled registration and is no longer legally roadworthy.

Fasttrack’s Process to getting you back on the road:

1. Call Fasttrack and ask the team questions about the car re-registration and re-certification process. Most people have a lot of questions due to this becoming a requirement in the last couple of years. 

2. Once ready to begin the re-registration process, arrange a time with the Fasttrack branch you wish to utilise and drop off your car.

3. The Fasttrack team will trim the car and prepare it for a TSD inspector to inspect and ensure it meets the NZ on-road safety standards.

4. The vehicle will either be passed or failed by the certifier. If the car fails re-certification, Fasttrack will advise you why the vehicle failed.

5. If you want any parts replaced, the Fasttrack team will get to work. Once repairs have been completed, Fasttrack will have the certifiers review the vehicle and issue a new WOF.

6. You will be issued with an MR2A registration form, and you can now re-register your vehicle – please note, you will be issued NEW number plates.

More information can be found in the "things to do when re-registering your car blog."